About Hospital

We at Mokshak Ayurveda have comprehensive patient care set up to provide world class herbal treatments to our patients. Our latest studies, research, technologies and equipment have made us evolve into a rare centre of excellence. We believe in offering dedicated services to humanity and thus we offer round the clock services with world’s best herbal care/ processes.

Mokshak Ayurveda is an integral part of Mokshak Maternity Home & Trauma Centre which is a first comprehensive, multi-specialty health care center in Haridwar (Uttarakhand). The Mokshak Maternity Home & Trauma Centre is a joint dream of Dr. Uttam Chauhan and Dr. Anjali Chauhan brought to reality by their efforts. The Mokshak Maternity Home & Trauma Centre is well equipped with high-tech equipment for both diagnostic and therapeutic services for the patients.

Mokshak Ayurveda believes in rendering quality Ayurveda treatment to the patients. Mokshak Ayurveda offers sophisticated health care services to the patients in nearly every specialty and sub specialty of Ayurveda in India. We at Mokshak Ayurveda have been consistently bridging the innovative science with state-of-the-art equipments and clinical extensive research. Our consistent, innovative research and education fosters better health care environment. We are recognized for offering highest quality services and our expertise covers virtually all the specialties or critical ailment.

What matters the most to us is safety, better patient care, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and patient center. Our approach is quality and safety at affordable cost. These parameters are our goals and we measure our performance towards these goals and track our progress towards these only. We ensure well being of each and every person associated with us either as a patient, Doctor, Nurse or other staff members. We aim at delivering better health care services in a safe and compassionate environment to our patients guided by their needs and requirements.

Mokshak Ayurveda at a Glance

Ayurveda is not a system of healing that provides only relief from symptoms. It aims to restore health by working on the underlying causes of the disease. So, you will hear a lot about detoxification, cleansing, strengthening and rejuvenation in Ayurveda. Unlike many other health systems, Ayurveda looks at an individual holistically. It doesn't treat any disease just by giving some tablets or capsules, injections, but puts a lot of emphasis on food regimen, lifestyle, mental and spiritual approach, and conduct of the individual.

The basic principle of Ayurveda, the human body or living thing is made-up of five elements Panchamahabhootas (Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Ether), Dhatus (Seven tissues), Malas (waster products), Srotas (channels) and Doshas (energy modes). Humans have all these five elements in form of Doshas; Dhatus; Malas; Mahabhootas; Srotas.

Everything in the universe is a made-up of five basic elements called Panchamahabhootas (Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Ether). Dhatus are responsible for composing the human body. Malas are the body wastes. Srotas are the channels that carry the nutrients and other substances to all parts of the body.

Ayurveda describes perfectly for such imbalanced or excess or scarcity of energy levels. Same way, Ayurveda suggests specific treatments to cure the disease.

Since Mokshak Ayurveda aims at balancing the imbalanced factors and restore the impaired factors. Ayurveda treatment differs from patient to patient and is customized according to different individuals. Not just the form of medicines, even the recommended lifestyle, food regimen, type of exercises, nature of tonics and timings of taking medicines can differ from patient to patient.

Features of Mokshak’s Ayurveda:-

We are practicing Ayurveda since last 75 years when modern or hi-tech equipments & techniques were not available. Lt. Shree Mool Raj Singh Chauhan had started the magnificent Ayurveda treatments by own with inadequate resources & formulated various kind of ayurvedic medicines to cure different kind of ailment before the time of freedom. This journey continued with incredible temperament & clinical research by his son Lt. Dr. Karan Singh who had been awarded “Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicines” from Gurukul University, Haridwar (India). Lt. Dr. Karan Singh had also wrote a book named “Athervan Vidhya” in which description given for different kind of rare diseases & way to cure. He made valuable research to keep ayurvedic medicines for long time as well ayurvedic injections. Now onwards, Dr. Uttam Singh Chauhan son of Lt. Dr. Karan Singh is moving ahead with more effective & efficiently in the same direction to provide Ayurveda Treatment for such ailment which is not curable under modern therapies or these are very costly. Dr. Uttam Singh Chauhan made magnificent research by which numerous patients cured within stipulated time at very economic price.


Mokshak’s Super Specialities in Ayurveda
Dr. Uttam Singh Chauhan made magnificent research by which numerous patients cured within stipulated time at very economic price.

Alopecia Areata
Burn Therapy
Uterine Prolapse
Immune Therapy
Snake & Scorpion Bite
Panch Karma
- Initially Hairs Grows Soft & Dull in Color
- No Blistring, No Spot, No Plasma Loss
- Strenthen Pelvic Muscles & Ligaments
- Rejuvenation & Cleansing Body & Blood
- 100% Recovery & Relax Withtin Few Minutes
- Detoxification or Balancing Energy Levels of Body

Other Treatments Offerd By Mokshak Ayurveda