Patient Testimonials

Ms. Juhi Chatterjee

I was suffering from severe itching, foul smell & discharge along with blood oozing from all over my body, my skin was hard and with full of wrinkles since 22 years. It had become a great dilemma for me, and i was finding it difficult to face other people, so i took various allopathic treatments and other skin treatments even from countries like u.s.a and hospitals like aiims, apollo and almost all hospitals in india, but did not find any relief, so one day my father's friend suggested me of Dr. Uttam Singh Chauhaan, Mokshak Ayurveda, i thought why not try ayurveda as no other system of medicine was left to try. Luckily, i was guided to a right clinic & to a right doctor. After a course of 14 days itself the oozing stopped completely, dr. Uttam advised me to continue the treatment for next 3 months, by then 90 % of my problems like foul smelly discharge, itching in the body, scaling of skin reduced and my skin became soft and back to normal. After which i went for my further studies and now i am working in a bank. I feel very thankful to dr. Uttam and his group of dedicated staffs, who took complete care of me, and treated me, also assessed the changes in me from the day one, because of Mokshak ayurveda i am able to lead a normal life now which was my dream ones.

Mrs. Vineeta Aggrawal

I was unable to stand without some ones support and taking each step while walking was a big task with tears in my eyes because of the severe pain. It was very difficult for me to even perform my daily routine. I was totally bedridden. Seeing my condition, my husband took me to a hospital, where the doctors diagnosed that i am suffering from slipped disc, the doctors suggested me that surgery is the only option as there is no other cure for slipped disc. As i was scared of the surgery and its after affect, i did not want to go for surgery. My husband had already taken treatment from Mokshak Ayurveda, so he took me there, after a course of 28 days treatment , i am completely cured of my ailment, and now i am able to walk and perform my duties of my own. I feel dr. Uttam is a god sent angel to me, even from the first day of my treatment after the abhyangam, kati basti and vasti treatment i got good relief and i am completely fine now. I am thankful to dr. Uttam and Mokshak staffs for providing such a good treatment and care to me.

Mr. Sandeep Panth

Since few months i had developed severe backache, one morning i got sudden pain in the back while i was getting up from the bed, my back started stooping down slowly and my body movements got restricted. As it was an emergency i was rushed to an allopathic hospital, where i was given several pain killer injections after which the pain subsided , but i got only temporary relief, again after the course of medications the pain got worsened and for almost 1 year i took allopathic treatment ,since i had no relief one of my friend advised me to try ayurveda and to take treatment from Mokshak Ayurveda, after a course of 6 months i was completely cured from ankylosing spondylitis which i thought will never be cured , also my spine has come back to its normal position. I am very grateful dr. Uttam for helping me to get my health back.

Mrs. Saumya Nair

I am 64 years old, i had severe knee joint pain and swelling because of which i was unable to walk and climb the stairs. Allopathic doctors diagnosed me as a case of osteoarthritis and they suggested me to undergo knee replacement as soon as possible or else i will be unable to walk in future, but i was totally against the surgery as i had seen one of my friend that after surgery also, she did not find much improvement and was unable to walk, since dr. Uttam had treated my husband and was also a family friend , we met him for an opinion he advised me not to go for knee replacement rather he prescribed me few medications and treatments , he assured me that no knee replacement was required for me. Somehow by gods grace i just started up the treatment without thinking much and i am very happy to say that today i can walk properly with no much pain or discomfort in my knees. Therefore, i whole heartedly thank dr Uttam and his entire team of staffs for providing me such good relief. I also advised few friends of mine who were also suffering from the same problem to consult dr. Uttam, and they also took treatment from Mokshak Ayurveda they are also fine today without any knee replacement.