Leucoderma Ayurvedic Treatment

When the skin loses its pigment gradually, the condition is known as Leucoderma or Vitiligo. The pigment is known as melanin and it forms the various layers of the skin. The loss results in the formation of whitish patches all over the body. The affected portions of the body could be the face and the genitals and the scalp. It is commonly known as Vitiligo. Here in Mokshak Ayurveda we have experts in treating Leucoderma with ayurvedic treatment. With ayurveda Vitiligo can be treated properly from it's roots and skin will get it's color back.

Causes of Leucoderma / Vitiligo

The biggest cause of Leucoderma has been stress and worry. When the liver is not functioning properly, it could also cause Leucoderma. Consuming opposite food items like milk and fish can also cause Leucoderma, along with chronic gastric problems. The presence of worms in the intestine could also be a cause. Leucoderma is also a heredity disease. It can also be because of burn injuries and defects in the perspiration mechanism in the body.

Symptoms of Leucoderma / Vitiligo

The symptoms are very straight forward. The symptoms include white patches and de-pigmentation on skin as well as the graying of scalp hair as well as eyelashes. The problem usually starts as a mild white spot. It later becomes bigger and turns into patches. While they are simply pale in the beginning, soon they lose all pigmentation and become whiter and whiter. The patches also keep enlarging until they merge with each other. Eventually, it forms a large patch. Usually, in most cases of vitiligo, most of the skin is full of white patches.

Treating Leucoderma with Ayurveda

Leucoderma is caused by heat, which is called as Pitta Dosha. The heat is manifested on the skin. Aggravated heat or Pitta causes toxins to accumulate on the skin, from the deeper layers of the skin, causing Leucoderma. Leucoderma Ayurvedic Treatment methodologies include balancing the energy in the body, purifying the blood and using herbs to restore skin color. The toxin build-up occurs because of poor digestion; hence, digestion is also restored. By correcting the diet and making small changes to lifestyle, it is possible to stop it from recurring.

Diet helpful in treating Leucoderma

There are some ingredients and diet plans that are helpful in treating Leucoderma. Some tips to follow include

  • Juices and Fresh Fruits: The patient should go on a fast of juice for one week. Following this fast, a diet consisting of appropriate quantities of fresh fruits and steamed vegetables along with bread can also be undertaken. After a few days, milk and curd can also be included.
  • Well-balanced Diet: At this stage, the patient can start a well balanced diet that consists of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. After a period of two months, the cycle once again begins from the juice fasting.
  • Avoid Bottled Food, Polished Rice and Coffee: It is mandatory that the patient avoid highly flavored dishes, tea and coffee, white flour products, alcoholic beverages, denatured cereals as well as bottled food.

Unlike what most believe, Leucoderma is treatable and its effects can be reversed. Sticking to a proper diet plan and with consistent Leucoderma ayurvedic treatment, it is possible to bring the skin back to its original condition with care and patience. To get Leucoderma / Vitiligo treated one must remember about the precautions to be taken, take ayurvedic medicine properly and have some patience.